The Best Walmart Fashion Finds in 2020

Monday, January 13, 2020

Happy 2020 guys!! I feel like I haven't talked to you guys in so long on here. I will say I definitely didn't write a ton in 2019 and it was partly because I was struggling with exhaustion after work and truly dedicating the time to post here because I truly didn't know what I wanted to post if I'm being honest. I love fashion and will continue to share that but I will be bringing you guys more fitness, more video content (we will see how this goes! lol), relationships and friendships, a better look into my day to day life and just personal struggles. I want to be a reference for you all and I love that I have this small corner of the internet to truly share what I want but I want to make sure I share things that you all want to see. 

On the topic of fashion I am so happy that all of you seem to be loving my Walmart finds. I always say,

"It doesn't matter where something comes from or how much it costs. It's all about how you style and wear the look!"

Walmart has been killing it with their pieces and are bringing such great items that I'm constantly amazed at the quality of everything. If you're like me, you own the infamous Walmart Set that has been making it's way into everyones closets. I currently own three out of the four colors and am obsessed. I wore my grey set out this past Saturday and got so many compliments and even texted a girl links so she could order the set for herself! I've gone through the site and found more pieces that I think you guys will love and I feel are some of the best Walmart fashion finds so far in 2020! I would love to know if any of you have any of these pieces and/or are planning to purchase any of these pieces. If you do, shoot me a DM, tag me in your photos wearing the pieces or leave a comment letting me know so I can see it and share your look!


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