Staying Motivated to Workout during the holidays!

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

I'd be lying if I said it wasn't hard to get my booty in the gym during the colder month; that shift in the weather and everything cooling down makes me not want to leave the house, less and less and I have to make a conscious effort to get out and do more. Having worked hard all year to get to where I am I can't let the weather dictate the path of my fitness goals. I'm not one for New Year resolutions but I do try to stick to what I had been doing and carry that in to the New Year. The holidays are one of the top reasons there is a decline in the amount of people you see in the gym. I want to encourage you to stick to goals and push past those cold weather blues and get up and get active. I've put together a list of 7 ways to stay motivated during the holidays!

1. Have an accountability partner
* Having someone who you can depend on that will keep you in the gym and reaching your goals makes you stick to it and even have someone to go with it so you're not doing it alone.

2. Try shorter workouts
* When the weather is colder I already don't want to go to the gym so try doing a shorter workout that's more HIIT based so you're in and out within 30 minutes.

3. Get up and go early
* I know this isn't convenient for most people, myself included, but if you can get your workout done first thing in the morning and have the rest of your day for other activities and down time.

4. Indulge and resist
* The holidays bring all the yummy foods and all those great baked goods...don't deprive yourself of those things. Allow yourself to have them but once you've had your serving, put the remains away in the fridge for later so that you're less likely to go back for seconds just because the food is sitting out.

5. Think Fun and Variety
* Find fun ways to workout that make you excited to keep pushing. For me, my Zumba class keeps getting in the gym and it's fun because it's geared around dancing. 

6. Set Micro-goals
* Instead of overwhelming yourself with your long term goal of losing 40lbs set smaller goals for yourself. Each time you hit that small goal, that's going to empower you to keep going and reach the next.

7. Give yourself some Grace
* We're all going to have our setbacks whether it's gaining 5lbs or having not set foot in a gym, for real in 2 weeks (hello, that's ME!)...THAT'S OKAY!! Pick back up where you left off and give yourself a little grace and get back at it! Don't let that minor setback keep you from going back and reaching your goals. All the small steps matter!

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