Five Tips on Shopping at Shein

Monday, February 10, 2020

One of the top questions I get asked is regarding shopping at Shein. Shein is one of my favorite places to shop because everything is super affordable and there really are some hidden gems. I get asked about sizing, quality and in general if something is worth purchasing. First things first, if I share any outfit with you guys, it's truly something that I love and would only share items I think are good quality. I value you alls trust more than trying to make an extra buck. If I don't like something, I don't share it and you'll never see it. I wanted to give you some tips that I use when shopping the site!

**ALWAYS read the reviews**
- It's always helpful when someone takes the time to leave a review for a product. I wish I was better about that but this is where I go to see how things fit, the fabric and if I can order my true size which is a medium.

**Look at pictures**
- Going along with reading the reviews if people leave photo reviews this is super helpful. This is where you can really SEE how something fits and looks on an average persons body.

**Buy the shipping Insurance and choose expedited shipping**
I always get the insurance just in case something happens with my package and I ALWAYS recommend using the expedited shipping option. Yes it costs more money but I'd prefer to get my packages in a timely fashion of a few days versus waiting two weeks if not more for it to arrive.

**When in doubt, size UP!**
If you've looked through the reviews, checked out the measurements and still unsure, I recommend sizing up. This way, you're airing on the side of caution and not getting something that may potentially be too small.

**Check for promo codes**
Who doesn't want to save money?! I always look through and see if there's ways to save money. They have promo codes when you hit certain threshold amounts but if you look well enough you can basic codes to save money. You can always use my code "Q4Mailyn15".

I hope these tips help you guys and if you have any other questions, feel free to reach out here, send me an email or shoot me a DM and I'll be glad to help!


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